Accelerating growth for visionary startups.

Partnering with entrepreneurs, we bring our experience, expertise and energy to the Telco, Cloud, Mobility and Education sectors.

Our current projects

Mobile Communications

Roaming mobile connectivity.

MTX Connect is a mobile operator specializing in data services for corporate and individual customers. An expert in multi-network services, MTX Connect offers 3G/LTE mobile data connection in 100+ countries worldwide.

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MTX Connect
Cloud Infrastructure

Accessible cloud computing.

Titan GPU strives to make it possible through modern GPUs based on Ampere, Volta and Pascal technologies – Tesla V100, GeForce 3090, Titan RTX, GTX 1080 Ti, etc. – flexible pricing and continuous service improvement.

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P2P car rental service.

GetRentacar is a car-sharing marketplace where travellers rent cars from a community of local car owners. Travellers choose from selection of great cars. Car owners earn on renting out their cars.

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We focus on

General AI and Deep Learning

We want to enable developers and their teams around the globe to unlock the power of AI and Deep Learning so they can spend more time building applications that change the world.

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M2M/IoT Communications

We are concentrated on growing portion of IoT devices that are created for consumer use, including connected vehicles, home automation, wearable technology, connected health, and appliances with remote monitoring capabilities.

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Automotive Solutions

Autonomous vehicles are transforming the way we move, creating safer and more efficient roads. We wish to build a platform which would combine expertise in AI and software with advances in computing to make this vision a reality.

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We want to be a part of AI's tremendous impact on general education.  On the one hand, it is transforming the way institutions and teachers do their job, and on the other hand, revolutionizes the way students learn.

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Marketplace Solutions

By unlocking actionable data insights, AI presents a whole range of new opportunities for digital marketplaces that would like to build and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Cloud Computing and Data Center Management

We wish to enable developers around the world to accelerate outcomes by offering the best cloud infrastructure for their applications and workloads.

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