Investing more than funds.

Investing energy, passion, experience, visionary design and software development savvy in mid-stage startups.

How we invest

We aim to unlock the potential growth of mid-stage startups with a proven core business model, working in the FinTech, HealthTech, Edtech and RideTech areas.

About 70% of standard capital investments do not succeed. Praginda Investments however has the ability to invest more than merely capital. With over 50 products already successfully developed and launched, we offer the full expertise and experience of over 100+ developers, engineers and business managers to beat these odds.

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We are working with anterpreneurs around the world to produce best-in-class products that are made for the people, and because some of our team's permanent residents are first-class engineers, this means that we can work on projects that are not only about the design, but also are strong technology and skill wise.

Interested in helping us evolve? Pitch in and help us grow by signing up for studies on AI, and Deep Learning for automotive, education, healthcare, cloud computing and IoT/M2M.

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Our approach is partnership

From start to finish, step-by-step we ensure that there is a complete understanding of needs and alignment of interests at the formations of a partnership. The full experience, expertise and network of the Praginda Investments are used to free valuable time to focus on value generating activities and unlock the potential growth.

How we help


Business development

By combining design thinking approach, technological mastery with an agile based, iterative development approach, Praginda Investments helps refine the vision, execute the plan and drive the delivery of revolutionary products rapidly to the market.


Rapid market entry

Praginda Investments works collaboratively in order to truly understand the problems faced by our partners and of their clients and help establish a special relationship of trust and transparency, where interests are fully aligned from day one.


Valued partnership

Praginda Investments is committed to building a culture of transparency and integrity, based on the highests ethical standards and behavior. These values not only guide the actions of our people in their day-to-day activities, they are crucial for sustaining our business in a competitive market.


Dynamic culture

The growing Praginda Investments ecosystem which already covers 5 different geographic locations, brings together many different experts, skills and contacts, all needed to develop buisness opportunities.


Ethical standards

Even the most thorough and detailed of planning cannot anticipate the enexpected. Market conditions change and the unexpected occurs. We foster an agile, inclusive and close relationships that empowers management to continually launch initiatives to turn the unforeseen into opportunities.