A wealth of talent and experience.

At Praginda Investments we invest both capital + time and utilize the collective skills of our team to power the growth of your ideas from concepts to great digital solutions.

Built by Praginda

We are visionaries, designers, explorers, and solution discovers maximizing growth potential and value generation for our partners



of successfully implementing products by our portfolio companies.


Employees worldwide

work within the group ranging from visionary engineers, analysts and developers to sales, business developers and financials.



Portfolio companies operating out of 12 different geographic locations with wide and diverse cultures - from China to Singapore and Dubai, from London to Geneva, from New York City to Los Angeles.

We take pride in your success

Photo from our office
Photo from our office

Our values

Photo from our office

Act with passion

We love what we do and strive for excellence and quality. We believe in what we do, otherwise we would not be doing it.

Photo from our office

Keep an open mind

We avoid becoming attached to a single idea. Journeys start with assumptions but never end there, so each should be tested. We believe that this fosters innovation, and by iterating we will improve.

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Be honest & transparent

We are honest with each other about our abilities, our capacities, our mistakes, our intentions, and our concerns and we do not judge or censure others for this.